Donation Letters

Donation Letter

Dear Mr. Langdon;

I write to you because I would like to inform you of my intention to donate a piece of land to your organization. After contemplating for what good deeds to do this Christmas, I have decided to give my 3 acre land in St. Martin Road to your non-profit and charitable organization.

I know that this will be wonderful news. I am glad that there are organizations out there that provide shelter to street children and paupers living in this town. Your good intention to help them and your strong dedication to make people’s lives change has been my bases that urged me to donate my land.

If you have time, please drop by in my house so we could finalize the paper works and other necessary things to complete my donation to your organization. I do hope that you continue your vocation to help these people.

God Bless!

Truly yours,

Alfred Bergen

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