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Divorce Separation Agreement Letter


Neil Jackson

Divorce Mediator

44, Russel Street, Western London


20th July 2012

Sub – Divorce separation agreement letter

Dear Mr. Neil

I am writing this letter to inform you that I and my wife have agreed to sign the divorce separation agreement. I have reached an agreement with my wife regarding the compensation that I would be required to pay her. My wife has asked me to inform her the exact time and date to be present in the court to execute the divorce separation agreement. I would request you to kindly start the legal procedure for filing official divorce case in the court. Please try to complete the legal formalities as soon possible. I am ready to be present in the court as per your instructions to complete the paper works related with filing of the divorce case. You are requested to inform me the date when I have to take my wife to the court for completing the divorce separation agreement.

I will wait for your reply once you finalize all the legal documents to compete the separation formalities. I can be reached on my mobile phone or my email address in case you require any further information from my side.

Thanking you

Philander Jacques

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