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Designer Cover Letter

Ms. Regina Wayne

Human Resource Manager

Book Face Creative Labs

Suite 31, 1408 West Madison Avenue

Appleton, WV 62549

Ms. Wayne:

I recently graduated from Meddaile College in Buffalo, New York. I have achieved and accumulated general weighted average of 1.75 and I believe my expertise could be of great use to your company. I am a team player, a creative and a hard-working man.

I have created several fully functional websites for various professional individuals and companies. The main thing that makes my websites pleasing is the way I design the user interface. First, I make sure that my sites are accessible, working flawlessly on all browsers and various other devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Secondly, I make sure that my graphic elements are pleasing to the eye, fit the theme, and purpose each site serves. In other words, I make sure my sites reflect a particular owner’s purpose. The layout, interface, graphical elements and color schemes promote the goals, strengths and other aspects the company stands for, rather than using elements that were irrelevant. A completed website will give viewers a general overall feeling of what the company can offer them, and what exactly they stand for.

I have skills in various areas within digital media arts discipline. I have mastered graphic design, web design, video production, interactive multimedia as well as 3-dimensional modeling. I am very diverse and can adapt to any atmosphere easily.

If it is all possible, I would like to set u an interview so we may discuss open positions and evaluate my portfolio. I look forward to meeting you and thank you for reviewing my resume and considering my application.


Nate Crawford

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