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Customer Service Apology Letter

Dear Customer,

We have received your complaint regarding the delay on the shipment of your modem. Furthermore, the company has also noticed that a batch of bad modems has been released on the same date that your order was processed. One of our suppliers has unintentionally delivered the wrong parts and this has resulted to the production of the bad modems. Due to the effort that we have been making to backtrack every bad modem that was sent, a delay in the shipping and manufacturing process has become inevitable.

Due to these, we would like to present to your our sincerest apologies for the technical difficulties that we have been experiencing. Rest assured that we have already communicated with the supplier and trying our best to get the right parts needed. Your modem will be delivered to you as soon as we are able to manufacture one that will perform according to our standards and that is worth your cost.

We appreciate the utmost patience and understanding that you have given the company throughout these challenging times.


The Customer Service Team

InternetWorks, Inc

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