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In today’s competitive job market, you really cannot afford not to grade yourself as a first-rate cover letter writer. Being one involves a lot of determination and patience. You need to style your letter to the particular position for which you are applying. The general method, however, is fairly simple to follow. The cover letter together with your resume needs to begin with the salutation. You should address the letter to the actual name of the person with whom you want to speak or to the hiring manager or better yet, to the person with whom you will be working. The opening part follows wherein you are trying to appeal to the person reading your cover letter. You should start by talking about the company and not yourself. The more you know about the company, like projects being developed and positive reviews, the better. A little research would be helpful to find that information. The body follows the opening. This is where you talk about yourself – describing your qualifications and referencing your resume. Lastly, the closing is where you need to ask for an interview, name a time or a place, and sign off with the appropriate complimentary close. There is no need for hard labor in order to become an excellent cover letter writer. You will be familiar in writing effective cover letters with just a little effort, time and practice.

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