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Cover Letter Sincerely

24 July 2009

Helen Clark

Human Resource Manager

Smith Group of Companies

212 North Avon Drive

Bronx, NY 10945

(914) 5640894

Dear Ms. Clark:

I am writing this letter to apply for a job position recently posted in your company’s official website. I have been browsing through your company’s site when I came upon this job vacancy. The position for Human Resource assistant is said to be available and that your company wants a person who may start immediately.

I am a Psychology major and I finished magna cum laude at the University of Pennsylvania. It so happens that I have recently moved to New York and my hands are not full as of the moment therefore I can start working any time. I have already worked as a Human Resource assistant in my previous company.

I value professionalism and I work very hard. I am a diligent and responsible worker. I have never had a problem concerning customers and co-workers before. Work ethics is something I give utmost importance to.  I share your goals and views that is why I am sure that I would work fervently to attain the company’s vision and mission.

Attached herein are my curriculum vitae and other requirements you requested for. I am available to have an appointment with you any time that is convenient to you. My contact details are also attached in this letter. I look forward to having an appointment with you.

Respectfully yours,

Rey Armstrong

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