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Letter writing has been altered by the modern technologies in today’s era. However, there are still words that convey professional thought and give more emphasis when written. An example is a cover letter used when applying for a job. Here is a sample cover letter and its layout that will contribute to a good first impression during job applications. A good cover letter should be in the basic format of a business letter and should discuss your intent and procedures on how you will follow up your application.

March 28, 2009

Ferdinand Sy

Human Resource Executive Head

JJJ Group of Companies

222 Information Drive, San Diego, CA 20249

Dear Mr. Sy:

I have read in the advertisement you posted in the New York Times of an available vacant position in your company. As a response, I would like to express my intent to apply for the Executive Assistant in your company’s Learning Resource Center.

I worked in a special library of a pharmaceutical company in Las Vegas for three years. During these years, I worked conscientiously and often awarded as the best employee in the company. I already have my Masters in Information Technology, which I finished last June. My degree n IT will serve as a driving tool to deploy library materials in soft copy formats and AV formats.

Please review my resume attached and the certificates I received these past years.

I will be waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Judy Hopkins

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