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Dear Rose,

Hi Rose! It’s been a while since I hear a word from you. How are you there? I hope you are perfectly fine. I wrote you a letter because I miss the time that we are sharing laugh together. I really miss you my friend.

You know that I can’t forget you specially the moments when we have a walk together and share secrets. Those were funny moments. I know it is hard that we are thousands of miles away from each other but I swear my loyalty and love to you.

I am ok here and things are going well. It is almost a perfect life here. It is only you that is missing. How I wish you are here so we could enjoy some times together. My friend, I am going to open my own store this month and I would like to invite you and be my guest on its opening day!

I hope you can drop by here. Keep in touch and take care. I love you!

Your friend,


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