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Construction Resume Cover Letter

Date: May 1, 2009

Mr. Justin Sanders
Alpha Builders Association
232, Park Avenue North

New York, NY

(221) 532- 6389

Dear Mr. Sanders:

I was informed by one of your employees in the development department of your New York office that the Boston Office of Alpha Builders Association is in need of qualified individuals on your upcoming development program. Mr. John Hayes told me that your company is opening up several job vacancies along with the starting of the project. I believe that my skills and experience would fit exactly according to your job requirements.

I have three years experience on utility construction and site work. My duties in the company include ensuring that the queued construction projects are implemented according to the interest of the clients as well as with the budget, design and schedule. I have great confidence that my work experience and outstanding educational background have prepared me to be efficient in working with large-scale public construction companies. My background and work experience in the corporate environment would be suitable to the requirements that your development program needs for a project coordinator.

I would gladly appreciate to have a discussion on how my expertise and knowledge in the field could be of help in your company. I have included my contact details on the attached resume. You can call me tomorrow during your convenient hours to talk about the possibility of having a meeting with you. Thank you for your consideration.


Archie Wilkinson

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