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Construction Cover Letter

Date: May 23, 2009

Mr. Todd Anderton
Central United Builders
221, South Hampton Avenue
New York, NY

(334) 364-5672

Dear Mr. Anderton:

I am writing as a response to your job offer for a construction crew supervisor advertised on the Classified Ads of the Daily Tribune. I consider my credentials and experience in handling similar jobs to match the requirements and I would want to take this opportunity to apply for the job position.

I am currently a construction supervisor at National Builders and have been working for the company for almost three years. My tasks in the organization include managing personnel, arranging and participating in fieldwork and inspecting equipment and installations for the construction queues. The job also requires me to report directly to the project manager regarding the improvements in the project.

Although I find enjoyment on my present work, I am looking for new opportunities that can greatly improve my skills as well as expose me to other prospects in the same field. If it would be convenient for you, I would be contacting your office this coming Friday to arrange a personal meeting to discuss concerns about the application. I am looking forward for your favorable response.


Mike Douglas

Enclosed Resume and Certificates

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