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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been Mr. Baron Heather’s teacher in high school and I have witnessed his development for four consecutive years. He grew up practically in my sight and he was such a good student in my class.

His education and character formation has been guided in our school and he was one of the best achiever of our educational program. He has proven to be a reliable student with good communication skills. He has also been among the more popular students in the school batch where he belongs.

He has joined the glee club and English club during his senior years and was an outstanding member of the high school basketball varsity. He was playing the small forward position. His active role in the varsity allowed the team to grab the district basketball championship last year.

Although we are sad at heart to see him graduate and leave our school for another, we are somewhat encouraged by his attendance in our school to go on with molding young people into a more reliable and distinguished members of the society. I am recommending him as a reliable and trustworthy student addition to your university.


Mae Ann Smith

School Teacher

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