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College Application Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Greetings! This serves as a formal recommendation letter for Mr. Alex Nash. Mr. Nash has been my high school student in mathematics in Boston Public High School for four years and I am much honored to recommend that he is very qualified to study in your well-established school.

Mr. Nash has performed very well in his mathematics subject in his four years of schooling in our institution. Our teachers here are also proud of him because not only did he perform well in his mathematics subject but also in other subjects as well. He is also the class valedictorian of batch 2009 in Boston Public High School.

Mr. Nash was nominated as one of the best students in the school in which he received the President Bush achievement award for Science and Mathematics in the whole United States.

If you have some other concerns or questions regarding Mr. Alex Nash or this recommendation letter, please feel free to visit me personally in my office or call me in my department landline phone.

Sincerely yours,

Preston D. Williams Ph.D.

School Principal

Boston Public High School

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