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Church Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Church Board members at the St. Joseph Christian Church, as well as the personal request of Mr. John Dilbert. Mr. Dilbert expressed strong intention to be a part of your church and he would gladly accept if you receive him as a regular member.

I have known Mr. Dilbert as an active member of the community welfare society during his short stay in the area. Unfortunately, he was assigned for a job that requires him to move into your area. Given that consequence, he wants to continue his service to the community and praise God to the fullest. I have seen that your congregation have the same community welfare projects as with other churches and I believe that this would be a great opportunity for Mr. Dilbert.

During his stay in the community, he was a role model to other people and displayed strong family values and discipline. Although he has strict belief in being a good citizen, he is very cheerful and close to his peers. I believe that he would do well for your church and would be a great addition to your congregation. I hope you would consider his membership. Thank you.


Rev. Fr. Jonas Perkins

Parish Priest

St. Joseph Christian Church

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