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Character Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great honor and delight that I compose this character reference letter for my friend and colleague Jeanne Dibble.

Ms. Dibble and I have worked in the same tertiary hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit for the past twelve months. In the past year, Ms. Dibble has proven herself to be worthy of the title Registered Nurse by showing dedication and value in her work. Ms. Dibble, as an active member of the hospital team, has worked hand in hand with various medical professionals who are greatly impressed of her skill and performance.

Ms. Dibble possesses the capability to handle emergencies with ease and to rise on top of stressful situations with a bright positive attitude. She is known for handling even the most difficult patients with tender love and care, displaying empathy and genuine concern.

As her colleague in the neonatal ICU, I can say with all honesty that in the past year of carrying out her nursing tasks, Ms. Dibble has shown integrity and has left an unblemished reputation and gained respect from supervisors, subordinates and peers in the hospital.


Karyl Anderson

NICU Nurse, John Hospital

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