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Church Donation Letter

Dear Mrs. Tinsel,

Greetings of Peace!

Christmas is here again and the church wants this year’s celebration to be truly meaningful and wonderful event. As we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ let us be reminded of our obligation to share our wealth to the poor and the oppressed.

This parish will be celebrating Christmas in different and priceless way. We wish to send gifts to the poor and the street children. We planned to buy gifts that will cater hundreds of these children. The expenses to cover the gifts and the preparation of the event will cost us a lot.

It is for this reason that we wish to ask for your financial donation of any amount so we could held this wonderful event successfully. The church do hope that you will grant us this simple request and the Lord will bless you with your good deeds.

Thank you and God bless!

Truly yours,

Fr. Arthur John

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