Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter to Best Friend


Sam Rock Well

West Side Apartments

A wing, 5th floor, flat number 501

34 Sun Shine Road,

New York, New Jersey 6799

Dated: 23rd of December 2011

Dear Sam,

I am writing this letter to wish my dearest friend a Merry Christmas.  I always pray that the gift of love, the gift of happiness and the gift of peace will be all yours this Christmas.

I am sure that you must be having an amazing time spending the Christmas with your family. You must have enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree with your little daughter. I will pray for you so that you get the gift that you want this Christmas and all your desires are fulfilled.

I would have loved to join you and your family for Christmas dinner but it will not be possible as I am going out of town for some work. Once again wishing you and your family a merry Christmas.

Your best friend,

Norman Creed

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