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Business Writing Letter Format

When it comes to business writing letter format, the whole process to do is very simple. There are certain guidelines that should be followed when you are writing a business letter.

The guidelines define the format of a business letter. The format as such comprises of a well defined pattern. The format is as follows:

  • The first thing comes is the FROM address.
  • Post that comes the TO address
  • Salutation is a very important part in the format of not just a business letter but any letter for that matter.
  • Once you make the reference, the follow up are the paragraphs. In most cases, the letters usually have three paragraphs.
  • The first paragraph is more like an introduction. You need to introduce yourself or your company. Place the general details.
  • The second paragraph has the details about the purpose for which one is writing the letter for.
  • The third and the final paragraph is more like the ending of the letter, where in you thank the reader for looking into the letter.

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