Business Letters

Business Letter Template

Sender’s Address

Email Address


Receiver’s Address, the following format should be followed

Full Name


Company’s Name

Physical Address

City, State

Salutation should be as shown under:

Dear Mr. /Ms. Or the person’s Name: or Sir/Madam,

There should always be a reference in the introduction of the letter


Body of the business letter is very important. Make sure that they language is simple and the content sticks to the point. The first paragraph is essential because it discusses the actual point or the reason behind the letter being written. It discusses the purpose of the letter.

The following paragraphs can come as an extension to the purpose again. But make sure there is nothing too prolonging written.

The final lines again should shed light on the reason again. The motive should be just mentioned and not discussed. End it by thanking the person to consider your request.

The close should sound nice and pleasing like:

Yours truly,

Your name

Name of your company/organization

A signature marks the end of a business letter

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