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Business Complaint Letter

Ms. Lisa Ray

Manager of Business Relations

ABC Company


20th April, 2010.

Ref: Product 789654

Dear Ms. Ray,

We write to you in reference with the product number 789654 that has been purchased from your company’s end on the 26th of March. DFG56894 is the receipt number of the transaction associated with the product.

The mutual agreement that we had agreed upon stated that the product had to reach our door step with in a decent and workable condition. The contract also stated that the product would be installed by some personnel from your company. But it is very sad to notify this to you that your company has failed to live up on both your promises.

Such a careless encounter does get second thoughts in regards with long time association with your company. The work pattern that we get to see from your company in the very first order itself gets us to re-think over again.

I request you to look into the issue with seriousness and at the earliest.

Thanking You,


Richard Brown

Encl: Copy of Receipt


Richard Brown

26th, Ashton Lane


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