Birthday Letters

Birthday Official Letter


Leonardo Troy

123 Main Building

Silver Street, Lavender Block

Buckingham, UK

10th August 2012

Respected Mr. Leonardo,

On behalf of the entire staff team of Globe Company, we are writing a letter to send you our deepest and warmest wishes on your birthday. We want to let you know that you are a valuable member of this company and your contribution is deeply considered and respected.

Since it is your birthday, all the workers working here wanted to convey their love and good luck wishes on such a special day. May you receive strength and courage to achieve success that you have desired for. Let this birthday give you a new start to your achievements and accomplishments and you sail through them happily. We all have thought of having a small get together lunch party, so that we can take some time off from our hectic work schedules and enjoy this day with you in a merrier way.

With our honest prayers, we once again wish you a very happy birthday. You are a great person to work with, with a smiling face and a blooming future. Have a great day ahead and enjoy to your fullest.

Happy Birthday!


Staff team

Globe Company

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