Birthday Letters

Birthday Letter Example


Aaron Smith

#51, Parkinson Street

Washington, CA

Dear Aaron

Greeting for the day dear!!!!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and God bless you. My dear baby, today you turned 12. You are a big kid now.

I am so happy, that my son is celebrating his 12th birthday today and I am really sorry that I am not with you at this moment. But don’t worry and don’t be sad, because mummy has bought a really amazing gift for you and you’ll be very happy to see it.

I have heard that your father is arranging a very big and lavish birthday party for you in an amusement park. Hope that you’ll enjoy a lot with your friends. Once I am back, we’ll again go to some good place and we’ll have a celebration for your birthday again. After all, it’s a special birthday for you as you are going to enter your teenage now.

Have a blast today!!!

Your mom,

Sharon Smith

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