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Athlete Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

Jacob Baxter is an excellent athlete in the field of archery. He has shown exceptional skill and ability in the said sport and has been a constant winner in all the archery competition that he has competed with.

Since such a talent need not be wasted, I am recommending him to undergo further in-depth training under your supervision to hone his skills more finely and to encourage him to be more competitive. Your program of allowing athlete-trainee to undergo training matches with archery champions and professionals will test his skills to the fullest and make his horizon broader, which will encourage him to take up bigger and more challenging contests.

I will further recommend that he be taken under your personal supervision because I feel that such an act will endow him with greater skill and more knowledge in the field of archery. With high hopes, I am sending this recommendation, which I hope you will respond appropriately. I do not ask for special favors if the granting of such will not serve a greater end. However, such special athletic skill can hardly be seen in a lifetime.


Joseph Castro

Athletic Director

Cambridge High

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