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Assistant Teacher Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as my personal recommendation for Ms. Mary Anne Goodrich as one of the best candidates for the assistant teacher position in your school. Ms. Goodrich worked as a part-time instructor during my time as the Head of the Mathematics Department of St. Ignatius School. I have personally seen her dedication at work and her passion to deliver education to the students.

While a student under my supervision, Ms. Goodrich was active in several teaching seminars and activities including a training program for teaching fifth-grade students in the New Manila School District. Aside from her exceptional performance in these tutorial sessions, she also served as a substitute teacher for a couple of schools in the area including St. Ignatius School.

Ms. Goodrich can easily develop a good relationship with different people especially with the young students. She has the qualities of a good teacher with her remarkable work ethics and knowledge in motivating students to bring out their talents. She has excellent communication skills both written and verbal and is reliable, highly organized and have diverse knowledge in computer applications. These qualifications would definitely fit her as an assistant teacher for your school.

If you have further questions regarding Ms. Goodrich’s qualifications, please feel free to contact me.


Diana Madison
St. Ignatius School

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