Approval Letters

Approval Letter Template


______________ [here mention the name of the recipient]

______________ [mention the designation of the recipient]

______________ [mention the name of the respective firm]

______________ [mention the address of the recipient]

______________ [mention the date of sending the letter]

Subject: Approval for _____________ [mention the reason for which approval is made]

Respected Sir/ Ma’am

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been approved for________________________ (mention the reason for which approval is granted). You are requested to ___________________________ (mention the terms and condition of under which the approval is granted). You have to______________________ (mention the formalities to be completed) before_________________ (mention the time period before which all the formalities should be completed).

You should report to________________ (mention the name of personnel to whom an individual should report once the assigned work is completed). You are strictly instructed to__________________________ (mention the important terms and conditions which should be followed so that the approval remains valid)

Hope that you will________________________ (wish the individual best of luck for the upcoming project or development).


Yours’ sincerely

______________ [Here mention the name of the sender]

______________ [Here mention the designation of the sender]

______________ [Here mention the name of the company in which the sender is employed]

______________ [here mention the address of the sender]

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