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Appreciation Letter Template

Dear Mr. Johansson

Congratulations! You have been awarded as the employee of the month. The plaque and bonuses serves as a token of appreciation for your exemplary work from our company.

We wanted you to know that because of your hard work, the company has increased in size and profitability. Your enthusiasm and interest to work in the company, in spite of difficulties, have made a huge impact to our success.

In our records, it shows how great you are in your work. You were never late during weekdays and you even work on holidays and Saturdays to finish some proposals. For this reason, you are given this award.

I know that a simple thank you is not enough but I hope that because of this, you will continue to do your best in the company.

You are a valuable employee to our company.

Thank you very much!


Shaun Smith, General Manager

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