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Advertising Cover Letter

John Roberts, Sales and Marketing Manager

Tempo Clothes

500 Washington Avenue Ext
Albany, NY 12203-5335

September 1, 2009

Dear Mr. Roberts,

Big sales is what I intend to give you. I am Steven Marks and I am your next Advertising Manager. I say this with confidence, as I know that what you need is a sales leader who can pull the sales together and immediately produce results. I am that sales leader.

Previously as the Sales Manager of Simple Living Furniture, I have long understood how a company’s advertising efforts can sell or repel a client even before the Sales person makes contact.

In my four years of experience, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge about the sales process through sales training and forums, and by watching experienced sales executives work firsthand. I have put this knowledge into practice and have learned how to evaluate their effectiveness.

I am now ready to apply my learning to a much bigger market. I believe that your company matches my philosophy of excellence and quality that is why I look forward to the opportunity to tell you how enthusiastic I am to bring my experience to your company and what results I would achieve in my stay there.

You can contact me through the contact information indicated in my resume to set up a meeting at your convenient time.

I look forward to meeting you.


Steven Marks

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