Admission Letters

Admission Letter of Deferment

Prof. Harold Simmons


College of Communication

University of California

Dear Prof. Simmons:

This is reference to the letter your office has sent me last week telling me that I successfully passed the admission exam for the post graduate degree in Media Studies offered by the university. While I am really elated about this news, I would like to defer my slot in the said post graduate studies degree program for some financial restraints.

We had a family problem that concerns our financial status that would hamper my enrollment in the university. I have checked the available scholarship programs offered under my chosen degree, but unfortunately, the slots are already filled up. Hence, I need to wait for the next semester to have a chance to get a full scholarship.

I am really interested in pursuing a post graduate degree in Media Studies, and I do not want that opportunity to slip away. Hence, I am asking for your kind consideration on this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Kathy Bennett

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