Recommendation Letters

Administrative Assistant Recommendation Letter


Harry Cooper

Recruitment Manager

Wipro Offshore Limited

45 Jake Line Road

New York, New Jersey 8967
Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Recommendation for administrative assistant

Respected Mr. Cooper,

This letter is in regards to John Mayo who has applied for the position of an administrative assistant in your organization. I would request you to consider this as a recommendation letter.

John was working in our organization as an administrative assistant since 1st of June 2010. I was highly impressed with his hard work and efficiency. He was always enthusiastic and had the urge and ability to perform. He was skilled in preparing correspondences like documents, reports and presentations. He had the ability to handle the staff in the administration department and above that had excellent computer skills.

I can assure you that he will be a positive addition to your organization if you hire him.

Thanking you,

Jack Ripper

HR Manager

Paper Work Limited

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