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Tenant Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to verify to you the tenancy of Ms. Jackie Yoon for location of #43 Ridge Street, Unit 7 Westfall California. Ms. Jackie Yoon has been renting one of our houses and we are happy to say that she never misses any payment that she had. She is a good tenant. No one ever complained to her stay with the house ever since she stayed there for 2 years.

She has always kept the house clean, she has maintained the house properly, and the buildings are in its nice condition. No one ever complained about her stay and she is always silent when it comes at night. For me, she is a quiet person and a house lover.

The house is clean every time we come visit her, even during surprise ones. She is very hospitable and always come home early.

For us, she is one of the best tenants we have ever had. We can assure you that she will also do the same for you.


Timmy Lutherford

Apartment Owner

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