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Tom Adler

45/62 west,

Santa Clara, 78905


Ross D’costa


Zenith University

School of Science

Santa Clara, 78905


Dear Ross D’costa

I am writing this letter with respect to the admission of my son in your prestigious school. As we are new to this place and the school is nearby I want my son admitted in your school. I have heard a lot about the school from the neighbors as Zenith University is one of the most eminent schools in town. The schools graduates have always been role models for the youth. Thus, I request you to accept the application of my son for junior high. He is an intelligent, friendly and hard working boy and mingles well with others. He has fared well in his previous examinations and he is above average in his studies. He has a great grasping power so I am sure that he’ll be attentive in classes. Kindly accept his application and oblige.

Yours Sincerely

Tom Adler


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