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Scholarship thank you letter template

Johnny Di Souza,

345, East Baseline Road,

Phoenix, AZ – 85042.

+1 125 555 4125.

June 1st, 2010

Eddy Edwards

Education Club Scholarship Committee

1253, North 44th Street,

Phoenix, AZ – 85008.

Dear Mr. Eddy Edwards

First, I would like to thank you generously for awarding me Education Club Scholarship. The scholarship means so much to my family and especially me. If I would have not opted for these scholarship grants, I wouldn’t have attended the college of my choice in Phoenix.

As I had mentioned earlier in this application letter, that is has been my long time goal to become an Engineer.  In coming year as I pursue the studies at Popular Institute of Technology, I will know whom to thank for making my dream come true.

Once again I whole heartedly thank you and your organization in helping me pursue my career and I personally assure that your trust won’t be hindered.


Johnny Di Souza.

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Scholarship Letter Templates

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