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Sample Holiday Letter

2nd December, 2009


Frank Condon

64, Springs fields

New York

Hello Frank,

Hope this letter will find you and your family in the pink of health. The Vacations are coming and I have started missing you again. The year has been quite hectic so far owing to the now-thankfully-over recession. How are Kelly and Sammy doing? It has been long since I last saw them.

Bill completed 1 year last month, and has just learnt to walk, boy he is already a handful, keeps Judy occupied all the time while she is at home. He has even started to mouth some illegible words, whose meanings no dictionary can define.

Frank, I was thinking if you could come over with your family here for the vacation. It would be really nice if we could catch on some of the old college memories, plus Bill will get to meet his uncle’s family, who am sure love him very much.

We will plan a short trip together, if you guys come over. It will be awesome man, please try to make it happen. I am looking forward to a positive reply.

With best regards,


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