Christmas Letters

Sample Christmas Letter

Dear Friend,

I am writing you this letter to assure that, this yuletide season, you are deeply missed. I am spending the holidays with my family but I cannot deny that I am longing for your company.

The friendship which you have given me has enabled me to weather particularly harsh times. I could not have survived them without your support. I wish we could someday spend Christmas together. But as of now, let me just refresh my close affinity with you through this letter. It does not take your place but it will suffice.

Though there is a great distance that separates us, I could feel that you are doing great in your new residence. We will be baking the Christmas cake that you like so much when you were still here. I wish we could eat it together again.

Merry Christmas and May God take care of you always.

Missing you,

Aileen Braite

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