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Recommendation Letters Example

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure and pride that I compose this letter of recommendation to my former personal stylist, Myta Jonas. As a prominent figure in the music industry, Ms. Jonas has been my personal stylist for over three years. She has assisted me in coming up with the perfect wardrobe to match my personality and stand out in the industry. She possesses an eye for fashion and an amazing way of incorporating the vintage with the modern, ending up with an ultra-chic dramatic look that is truly buzz worthy.

Ms. Jonas has a knack for finding the most unique pieces in the most unlikely places. She takes note of even the most intricate details and considers how every angle of the outfit will look under the scrutinizing lens of the paparazzi. Ms. Jonas has also worked with dozens of celebrities in the movie industry. All her clients will agree that Ms. Jonas has played a great role in building their image for the public.

Apart from her noteworthy skills, Ms. Jonas is also easy to work with. She can also keep up with the demanding lifestyle of her celebrity clients.


Fiona Williams

Recording Artist

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