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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for my dear colleague Mr. Jaypee Marechal. Mr. Marechal and I have known each other for twelve months, working under the same company as field reporters.

During the span of twelve months, I have been a witness to Mr. Marechal’s dedication in field reporting. Aside from his powerful presence on camera, Mr. Marechal possesses the necessary skills of a great field reporter, displaying an admirable level of confidence and excellent communication skills.

Mr. Marechal has cut the message across millions of viewers in a clear, unbiased and objective manner. Through his transparent, clean and honest lifestyle, Mr. Marechal has established a reputable name among the viewers.

I can say that working with Mr. Marechal has been such a pleasure because apart from being good in his craft, he is also willing to help others improve in their careers. Never failing to lend a helping hand to a co-worker, he has gained the trust of the workers in the company, from his seniors to his subordinates.

I believe that hiring Mr. Marechal in his company will be among the best decisions an employer can make.


Aretha Miles

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