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Recommendation Letter Student Council

To Whom It May Concern:

This endorsement is attached with the necessary pertinent credentials of Mr. John Dalton who is among the best student leaders during his stay in this school. Since his start here as a freshman, he has shown extraordinary diligence in his studies and a good conduct on his character. Such a good man need not wallow in mediocrity when he could be up there helping the student council and governing its student body.

With integrity and honesty our leaders should be. These are some of the qualities, which Mr. Dalton shares with a good leader. As such, I am confident that he will perform with the finest conduct and the best ability.

There is a vacuum for leadership in our institution that needs to be filled and he is one of the most qualified. With leadership traits that are hardly seen, he has been a student counselor and a guiding friend to many of them.

As a consequence he is one of those whose voice is heard and followed by the majority of the student body. A post at the student council is a logical position for him.


Mike Enrique


Ateneo University

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