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MBA Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as my formal recommendation of Ms. Jeanne Dibble to your company. Jeanne and I have worked together for several years in McDonald’s Food Corporation as Assistant Managers in the Operations Department. However, her skills and experience seems to be more than enough for her current position in the company. She desires to obtain a Master’s degree in order to be promoted as Senior Operations Manager in this company. I believe that she is qualified for your Master’s degree program that is why I am referring her to you.

During the time of her employment with us, her performance was quite exceptional in which I believe is more than what she should be performing as an Assistant Manager. She had generated an operational plan that was very useful in her assigned workplace in reducing extra costs and expenses.

Jeanne possesses excellent communication skills not only in her assigned workplace but also out of the office. I believe that these skills will also work in an educational setting and your institution is the best training ground for her.


Arthur Giuseppe

Head Manager (Operations)

McDonald’s Foods Corporation

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