Scholarship Letters

Letter of recommendation for scholarship


Rattan Deoz,


University of Paris,

Paris, France


University Of Cambridge

Cambridge, England


To whomsoever it may concern

I hereby request you to consider this letter and grant the Scholarship to Mr Henry Mien.

I know him very well as he is my student since last 5 years. Without any confusion, I can promote his name to such an award because of his extra talent in various fields.  He is a brilliant as well as a creative student. Because of the simplicity and maturity of his character everyone likes him.  He works very hard and works towards doing everything independently. He is very dedicated and enthusiastic to bring new ideas and information’s in Project works. He is the beat student of our school.  Because of his excellent performances our school has been awarded great prices and trophies.

With his outstanding performance he proved himself an athlete. In every project and assignments, he gets his own ideas which finally work out well.

Thanking You

Rattan Deoz

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