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Letter of Recommendation for Award

To Whom It May Concern:

This is David Wayne, Head of the Marketing Department, and I am proud to recommend Mark Stanford, Junior Marketing Officer from the Marketing Department for the award of Employee of the Year.

We reviewed and evaluated every employee of this company and records show that he stands out above the rest. Although we have seen from his record a few number of lates and absences, we found out that the assigned tasks were submitted early and have an outstanding presentation.

We also received a praiseworthy rate from his co-employees making him the top among the whole company. We chose from 7 of the top employees of the company and found him to be the best of all. We hope that by giving him this award, we would see more vigilance and hard work from him and from his co-employees.

We hope that you consider this recommendation letter for an award.


David Wayne

Marketing Director

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