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Law School Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known your applicant Mr. John Williams for many years and I have witnessed the growth of decent and trustworthy person.

His passion for law has been apparent since grade school, and it did not come as a surprise to us that after graduation he would choose a law school from which to get his degree. There are many law schools offering law but none came close to the expertise and prestige that your law school has consistently shown in the entire history of its existence. Many graduates of your law curriculum have proven themselves defending an aggrieved party or prosecuting the guilty in our courts of law.

The upholding of the established laws of the land weighs down on the shoulders of the judiciary. It is just proper that those who are tacked with ensuring its proper implementation be well trained in the proper rules and procedures adopted by the justice systems.

In this regard, the role of your institution in the formation of a lawyer cannot be overlooked hence our choice automatically fell on you. We hope for a favorable action taken with this recommendation.


Justin Martinez

City Prosecutor

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