Holiday Letters

Holiday Letters

Holiday season is the time to bond with family and friends.  Holiday letters give you that perfect opportunity to stay connected.  It is a good way of keeping your colleagues, family and friends updated on what is happening in your life.

It is important to segregate the people you are writing to into various groups, as you may not want to share the same detailed information with everybody.  If you are writing to your colleagues or business associates, then you are more likely to stick to work-related news and achievements.

Holiday letters can be either handwritten or printed and it is best done on personalized stationery.

While writing holiday letters, keep the tone of the letters cheerful and positive.  Avoid writing only about your successes or failures.  Touch upon the major ones and let the others pass.  It is best to avoid detailed news of professional achievements and promotions.

It is good to include some pictures either taken on a holiday or other occasions.

Sign off warmly with best wishes for a good holiday season.

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