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Holiday Complaint Letter


Jack Joseph


Jackson Holidays

232, Spring Fields

New York

Ref: European Adventure Booking Number 242/765/2009

Dear Mr. Jack,

This is with regards to the European Adventure holiday package that we booked through your company (Booking ID Number 242/765/2009) and I am very sorry to state that our holiday trip was not at all enjoyable. First of all the tour was not managed properly and the accommodation provided was not as per the standards mentioned in the itinerary.

Secondly the places of attractions that were mentioned in the itinerary were also not covered by the tour manager and moreover the ones that were covered did not involve any information sharing by your escort. The quality of food provided was also not up to the mark and included very less variety. All these factors resulted in a huge loss during the trip as we have to suffice our self at other restaurants and visit major place of attractions at our own cost.

As a whole we are very dissatisfied with the entire trip and request you to kindly look into the matter and take corrective actions against the concerned people and the department.


Adele Hilary

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