Hardship Letters

Hardship Letter

A hardship letter is especially needed in the world of business and mortgages. It is something that is used by a client to appeal for another chance to a mortgage company. Moreover, it is an honest description of how you came to be in your unfortunate situation. Below is an example of a simple yet precise hardship letter.

August 22, 2009

Michael James

32 Down Street, Royal Oaks

Chicago, Illinois

Loan number: 09867857

Dear Mr. Johns,

My name is Michael James and I have been paying the mortgage for our home at 32 Down Street, Royal Oaks for four years now. I am writing to you to give my reason on why I have fallen behind my monthly payments for my mortgage.

Three months ago, my youngest son got very ill and the insurance company won’t cover the chemotherapy fees. What was left for me to do to keep up with my son’s treatment was to use our family’s extra financial aid and the money I had set aside for paying mortgages.

I have sold a parcel of land that I have inherited from my parents last year. The earnings I acquired from it shall be forwarded to your companies account. Once again, I am sorry for the delay in payments and I hope you would accept my reason for such incompetency.

Thank you and I wish you all the best.

Michael James

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