Hardship Letters

Hardship Letter to Bank

Financial hardship letters are letters that explain to an institution or a bank a lenders failing financial situation. If it is properly written, it can help a lender keep his/her mortgaged property. An effective hardship letter is one that is short, personal, informative, clear, and humble. Below is an example of hardship letter to a bank.

August 22, 2009

Name: Christine Valeria

Address: 45 Canes Avenue, Dallas, TX

Loan no: 7575774-333

Dear Sir:

I am writing this letter as an explanation for my delinquency in paying for my loans. This is due to my recent loss of job last June 22, 2005.

I am hoping for your help in working out my loan so that I can cope up with what I owe to your bank with the shortest possible time. I am fully aware of my financial obligations with your bank and I am doing my best to find a source of income for my financial responsibilities.

Respectfully yours,

Christine Valeria

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