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Fellowship Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter recommending Mr. Ian Gryn as a candidate for nurse fellow in your fine institution. Mr. Gryn has been my student in the Glenn State University during his senior year.

Mr. Gryn has shown exceptional skills as a student of nursing with his insatiable quest for knowledge and the humility to learn more. Mr. Gryn has successfully finished his nursing course while earning above average grades and balancing academics with various extra-curricular activities. He is an active member of the Nursing Association and the Blue Eagle Emergency Team.

In his internship experience as a student, Mr. Gryn has been rotated to various areas of primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals. He also has sufficient experience in community health nursing and some exposure on minor psychiatric centers. I believe that Mr. Gryn will benefit greatly from being a nurse fellow in your institution. Being a part of your hospital will enable him to be exposed to a wide variety of patients and medical cases and will teach him he true value of being a nurse in the patient’s bedside.


Dr. Richie Ivan See


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