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Executive Letter of Recommendation

It is with honor and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms. Mya Fischer. I believe that she will be a great asset to any company that she would be joining.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Fischer in the same company, the Arial Company, for four years where she held the position of executive assistant.

Anyone who has worked side by side Ms. Fischer will agree that she is a person of strong will and determination. She accomplishes tasks on time and produces quality results at all times. Ms. Fischer possesses good organizational and communication skills. She knows the value of careful planning and purposeful action and comes up with great alternatives in case of emergencies. She has the ability to work calmly and efficiently even under pressure and helps others do the same.

Ms. Fischer is a person who takes great pride in her work and finds pleasure in assisting others in the improvement of their performance.

I believe that hiring her in your company would be a very wise step and I also believe, with her qualities, that she is qualified for high-level positions.


Moira Breis

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