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Employee Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is regarding my personal recommendation for Mr. Jacob Gallagher. Two years ago and up until recently, I have had the pleasure of being Mr. Gallagher’s immediate supervisor. As part of our men’s magazine’s creative team, Mr. Gallagher has displayed impressive talent in designing trendy, original and off-the-wall layouts and coming up with concepts and themes that are unique and appealing to the readers.

Aside from the exceptional skills, which made him a great asset to our company, Mr. Gallagher is also such a pleasure to work with, carrying out daily tasks good-naturedly and with much dedication. Mr. Gallagher is a great team player with his ability to cooperate and collaborate with the staff within and outside of the department. He possesses good communication and leadership skills and he has shown genuine concern towards others and their work. During his stay, Mr. Gallagher has brought an increase in the overall sales in our company through his great contributions and creative input.

I believe that Mr. Gallagher will be a great asset to your company as he had been in ours.


Mrs. Rose Berry-Bisana

Vice President, Elite Magazine for Women

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