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College Teacher Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as my formal recommendation for Arianne Dawn Shaw for the position of college teacher in your university. I have worked with Miss Shaw during her four-month on the job training in our school. Miss Shaw worked as a trainee teacher and I can attest to her excellent work abilities and ethics.

Although Miss Shaw is a fresh graduate, her work performance is definitely comparable to other teachers who have long been in the teaching profession. During her four-month training, she displayed admirable work attitude and professionalism in all her tasks. She is an easy favorite among students, co-trainees and teachers of our school. She does all her teaching responsibilities in a cheerful and energetic manner. She consistently brings a fresh and unique approach to teaching styles and strategies.

She would surely be an asset to your university. I have seen how she performs on a work environment and I highly recommend her.

Should you have any questions, you can call me on the contact numbers stated in my letterhead.


Ms. Joanne Therese Mint


Houston Middle School

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