Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter to Wife

For you my wife,

The cold breeze of the wind calls to me my darling

Happy memories of us and snowflakes falling

Our hearts always as one beating

Our fate, even heaven above is ordaining

The song of Christmas is in the air

Warmth and glee we both shall share

Shout our love out to the whole world, shall we dare?

Cast away death’s lonely eyes and dark cold stare

Under the mistle toe we shall kiss

Yonder by the bridge take a romantic walk in bliss

By the bedside give our kids a goodnight kiss

And by midnight, play Santa to our tikes we shall not miss

How many Christmases have we spent together my love?

Too many to count and too few for my liking my dear

And how many presents have we given each other?

Each day is a gift my darling.

And I only have to look in your eyes each morning to receive it.

You loving husband.

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