Christmas Letters

Christmas Letter To Boss

Dear Boss,

Merry Christmas!

This is a wonderful season to thank you and give you a nice warm hug from your humble employee. I know that the year has been a roller coaster in the side of our company but because of your resiliency and dedication we have overcome some major troubles here and proved once again your ability to lead all of us.

Christmas is said to be a time to celebrate for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and I would like to grab this opportunity as well to celebrate our company’s fruitful and productive year. You have shared to us the success of the company and that really touches us, your employees. We thank you for that, boss.

This Christmas you have felt to us the true and wonderful meaning of it and as a return we wish you all the success and life and to the success of the company. Accept my warmest greetings and again happy holidays!

With lots of love,


Your humble employee

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